At Machen Family Dentistry we specialize in the following procedures:

Machen Family Dentist will make you love your smile

WE KNOW… Many people avoid going to the dentist because of previous bad experiences or because of fear of pain during procedures, but this doesn’t have to be. Finding a dentist who combines personalized care and compassion with the latest in dentistry advances can make seeing the dentist a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Dr. Esther Bishop Machen, DDS, is a female dentist in Idaho Falls who has changed the way her patients of all ages view dental care. Dr. Machen believes in a comprehensive approach to dental care as well as an emphasis on the whole person’s well-being, not just their teeth!

The Machen Family Dentistry team offers a full range of services, from cleanings to fillings and crowns, bridges, extractions, space maintainers and root canals. Dr. Machen offers amalgam and composite restorations, along with fitting patients for partial or complete dentures. Machen Family Dentistry also provides emergency palliative dental care.