Teeth Whitening Basics

Idaho Falls Teeth whitening, Machen Family Dentist

One of the first things you notice about people is their smile.  When you meet someone with a beautiful natural bright smile, it catches your attention.  Here at Machen Family Dentistry in Idaho Falls, ID we can help you achieve your best and brightest smile.  Whether you are self-conscious of your smile or just want to maintain your already white smile.  A professional whitening system is a great way to enhance your smile.

Tooth whitening with carbamide peroxide is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile.  Some of your concerns might be the sensitivity to the bleaching product to your teeth.  Dr. Machen recommends the Opalescence Whitening System which is has  a unique whitening formula creating less sensitivity.

During your visit at Machen Family Dentistry we will create your own custom made Bleaching trays that will fit all the contours of your teeth perfectly to give you the optimal results from your bleaching.  The process is quick and easy.  We will take impressions of your teeth using a dental impression material called alginate that is placed in a tray which is put in your mouth to create the exact impression of your teeth.  Then we will pour it into stone and fabricate your personal perfectly fitting bleaching tray which will minimize your exposure to the peroxide ingredients.

Dr. Machen is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of tooth whitening.  In Missouri she led the legislation efforts to protect the public from unsafe teeth whitening procedures.  She did extensive research on the topic and the safety of peroxide solutions used for teeth whitening.  She presented this information at the Midwest Dental Conference in the spring of 2009 and she helped to write the bill that was eventually passed into law later that year.   She was recognized for her efforts by receiving a presidential citation from the president of the Missouri dental association.



~ Whiten teeth fast, safe, and easy

~ Custom fabricated bleaching trays made in our office

~ Highly viscous gel stays in trays and on teeth

~ 20% Water in formula minimizes teeth dehydration

~ Potassium nitrate for lower sensitivity

~ Carbamide peroxide formula

~ Recommended application 30-60 min, but can be worn overnight