What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning

Idaho Falls Dental Cleaning, Machen Family Dentistry

Teeth Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

At Machen Family Dentistry we have two Registered Dental Hygienists who perform teeth cleanings for adult and children. Teeth cleanings are also referred to as a prophylaxis. Our hygienists are trained to evaluate bone levels and evaluate if there is any infection of the gums or bone supporting the teeth. After assessing the health of the gums, and diagnosing that the patient is healthy, the hygienist then proceeds to the prophylaxis.

Specific instruments are gently used to clean the hardened plaque build-up, also known as calculus, that is found on the teeth. One instrument, the cavitron is a tool that our hygienists often use to help efficiently and gently clean the teeth. It is an instrument that squirts water and vibrates to clean the calculus build-up off your teeth. During a pediatric prophylaxis for children, the cavitron is not used. Instead, a light hand instrument is used to help clean off any build-up that may be forming.

After cleaning off the teeth, our hygienists polish and floss the teeth to clean off any excess plaque, in order to leave the teeth feeling smooth and clean. For children cleanings, we use a fluoride varnish which is painted on all surfaces of the teeth. This varnish helps fight cavities and strengthens the enamel of the teeth. Our hygienists are very gentle in their instrumenting and take special care in the concerns of the patients, especially helping our pediatric patients feel comfortable and unafraid during their visit.