Cavity Reduction Protocol

Idaho Falls Dentist, Machen Family Dentistry

Cavities are caused by three main things: bacteria, a susceptible tooth, and a sugar source. We are attempting to control those factors so that we significantly reduce the cavities in your mouth. You have been prescribed Chlorhexidine and Sodium Fluoride gel.

The Chlorhexidine rinse is used to kill bacteria in your mouth. The Chlorhexidine rinse is to be used once daily for 2 weeks initially and then one week out of every four weeks after that. This is done preferably in the mornings. Swish with ½ ounce of the Chlorhexidine for one minute. Spit out the excess but do not rinse. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after swishing.

The Sodium Fluoride gel is used to strengthen and harden the teeth so cavities are more difficult to form. Place half an inch of Fluoride gel on your toothbrush. The Sodium Fluoride gel should be brushed on the teeth for one minute once daily. Spit out the excess but do not rinse. This is done preferably before bedtime. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after using the product. Please note that the products must not be used at the same time. They need to be separated by at least an hour.

To reduce the sugar, simply watch the amount of sugar intake and limit it as much as possible. Remember that it takes 20 minutes for a liquid sugar to clear the teeth and it takes 40 minutes for a sticky sugar to clear your teeth. It is recommended to continue using the products until you have a dental check up with a low cavity rate. Please call our office with any questions 208-552-0775.